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He is the real deal. 
Protect yourself before purchasing an autograph on E-Bay.  Be sure you know what you are paying for.   There are many fraudulent signatures - people make money off of  your love for George, which I detest.  Per requests the above pic. is of George's signature. 

My website, started in 1990 on AOL, is the original, and the oldest site on the internet for the one and only 
George Strait, Entertainer of a Lifetime. 

 » George recorded his new album "Cowboys and Dreamers," near Nashville last October. He has been finishing it up, and it will be out on September 7th! 

 He has added a Texas concert for this year. Go check his website for more information (Link below.)

 George released his last album in 2019,  " HONKY TONK TIME MACHINE."  It was recorded in Jimmy Buffett's studio in Key West back in July 2018.  There are 13 great songs with a majority being co-written by George himself.  Don't miss "HONKY TONK TIME MACHINE."

» THE GEORGE STRAIT WEB STORE  IS OPEN, selling the only official George Strait shirts, collectibles, and albums, including Box Set #2!   For information on concert dates, and cities go to the Calendar.  Keep checking back for tour dates & cities, special appearances, and record updates at the only official George Strait website -  GeorgeStrait.com 

» The only OFFICIAL FACEBOOK site is:  https://www.facebook.com/georgestrait/
 (The blue check mark in a circle after the name means it's verified, is the real artist.) It's the one & only Official GS page on Facebook, and his Team now provides a Facebook Group, "George Strait’s Honky Tonk Hangout."              
Notes from Linda:

»DVDs of the George Strait Team Roping Classic are   available for purchase from RodeoVideo.com 

»George reminded his fans during his final two year tour that ended in June 2014 that although he will no longer be touring, he is by no means "gone."  He is not retired, he signed with MCA for five more albums of Strait music in the years ahead.  He will continue appearing in Las Vegas, and going back to certain  cities, check his calendar.

 »George said he was looking forward to more time for writing songs, and recording his albums.  He will continue to select, and choose his  appearances. Nov. 2023 George commented during an interview that he has selected songs for a new album, and has been recording.

»  If I hear News or know of anything special I will update this page.  My Facebook Group is "George Strait Fever." 

George is currently golfing, traveling, and enjoying time with his family down on his ranch, doing what he loves to do. 

~ All the best to you.

Strait Fever  ~  This website was first created and established on AOL in 1992.  I am a career long George Strait fan, and I am proud to have the oldest George Strait site on the Internet, approved by Mr. Strait.  I had the AOL Chatroom called "Strait Stuff," then started a Straitfever group in "Yahoo Groups."  I moved the group concept to Facebook Groups under "George Strait Fever," feeling it was more user friendly, and a better place to share George photos, videos, reviews, news, and personal Strait stories.  

Please note: This is not George's website.  Please do not write me with requests.  I feel for your causes, and understand your feelings towards George however I am not employed by George, and I cannot help you.  Write/contact George Strait or the Ace in the Hole Band using Manager Erv Woolsey's address which is on every George Strait CD/DVD.   

The Official George Strait Website is at www.GeorgeStrait.com

Thank you. 
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George Strait
~ The King of Country Music

Currently has 60 #1 hits in a single chart format, more than any other recording artist - including all genres of music.  He has sold close to 70 million records, garnering him 33 different platinum or multi-platinum albums resulting in the most RIAA platinum certifications in country music, and the third in all genres, behind only The Beatles and Elvis Presley.  

With currently 85 top ten hits George is the first act to hit the top 10 on Billboard for 32 straight years.    

Long live the King of Country Music. 
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