"Somewhere Down in Texas" ~ Album and Tour Concert Reviews and News
Somewhere Down in Texas
If The Whole World Was A Honky Tonk    
Somewhere Down In Texas    
The Seashores Of Old Mexico    
You’ll Be There    
High Tone Woman    
Good News, Bad News    
Oh, What A Perfect Day    
Ready For The End Of The World    
She Let Herself Go    
By The Light Of A Burning Bridge   

"Somewhere Down in Texas" Tour  Concert Photos ~ 2006
Released June 28th, 2005
Concert Setlist,  2006

1.    "Honk if you Honkytonk"
2.    "Check Yes or No"
3.    "Amarillo"
4.    "Run'
5.    "I Just Wanna Dance With You"
6.    "As Far as it Goes"   
7.    "There Stands the Glass"
8.    "She'll Leave You With A Smile"
9.    "Cheyenne"
10.    "She Let Herself Go"   
11.    "The Chair"
12.   "Heartland"
13.    "Best Day"
14.    "Does Ft Worth Ever Cross Your Mind"
15.    "Take Me Back to Tulsa"
16.    "Milkcow Blues"
17.    "You'll Be There"
18.    "Desperately"
19.    "Blue Clear Sky"
20.    "Somewhere Down in Texas"
21.    "Murder on Music Row"
22.    "Seashores of Old Mexico"
23.    "Texas"
24.    "Cowboys Like Us"
25.    "I Hate Everything"
26.    "Unwound"


27.    "High Tone Woman"
28.    "Folsum Prison Blues"
29.    "Cowboy Rides Away"
Picture taken in Nov. 2005, just outside Alice Texas
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