November 8, 2007


Two More Trophies

Nashville, Tn---The scene was set at the Sommet Center in Nashville for the 41st Annual Country music Association Awards. It was the first year that the ABC Television network had broadcast the event and it turned out to be a very good one for George Strait.

George, dressed in a dazzling sports coat and accompanied by beautiful wife Norma, sat tentatively watching as the award for 'Album of the Year' was announced.  When his name was called it was obvious that he was very gratified and his acceptance speech indicated just that. Strait picked up two trophies for 'It Just Comes

Natural' for both artist and producer. In addition to his own trophies, Strait's hit song 'Give It Away' won song of the year honors for songwriters, Bill Anderson, Buddy Cannon and Jamie Johnson.

CMA Album of the Year!    "It Just Comes Natural" --  George Strait   & CMA Song of the Year --  "Give It Away!" 

"Of the awards that I was nominated for, this is really the one I was hoping I could come up here for tonight.  It's such a group effort to make an album -- from the engineers to the songwriters to the musicians. Long live the critters. To everybody; the record label, to radio and you fans of course, my family, I love y'all." -- George Strait

Post Awards Interview comments from George: 

  "When we made this album it was incredible," Strait said afterward. "We had great material and just kept knocking them out. We ended up with 15 songs and never intended to put 15 songs on the record, but when I started going through the songs there was none I could take off."

  "It;s unbelieveable to still be here after that long time, but I still feel great, and I still love to sing.  I still like to tour.  Getting started is kind of hard, but once I get out there, it's a blast.  When I walk on stage, I still love it as much as I ever did.  And I love making records..  It's fun making records, and the whole process of putting a record together is fun for us.  I've got a great team, and so I'm going to keep doing it as long as I can."
From the 41st Annual CMA Awards:  Here's a clip from that night of George and the great Ace in the Hole Band performing "How 'Bout Those Cowgirls," and right after his performance, "Give It Away" receiving the CMA Song of the Year award.
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November 12th, 2008

Texas Troubadour  Picks Up Four Trophies

Nashville, TN---George Strait wowed the crowd in his stylish black coat as he debuted his new single 'River of Love' at the 42nd Annual CMA Awards Show broadcast on ABC Television.  His vocals and actions were smooth and easy.

In addition to debuting his new single, StraIt was honored with the CMA's Single of the Year Award for his mega hit 'I Saw God Today' and the CMA Album of the Year Award for 'Troubadour' making him the act with the most awards in CMA history with 22.  In addition to receiving two trophies for the two awards, Strait also picked up two additional trophies as the co-producer with Tony Brown.  The five nominations he received this year lengthened his record-holding total for CMA nominations to 83.   Strait now has a total of 75 CMA nominations and has received a historic high of 22 awards

It was a big night for Strait who thanked his records label and radio for his success. In addition he ended his speech by thanking his fans.  Strait said: "All you fans, you're the greatest. Everybody says they've got the greatest fans. Well, I really got the greatest fans. Thank you very much.

Tony Brown speaks to press about winning Single, Album of Year

Producer Tony Brown took the stage before the press holding trophies in each hand. As producer of George Strait’s Troubadour Album, he received an Album of the Year Award, as well as Single of the Year for “I Saw God Today.”

“I had prayed and lit candles for maybe to win Album of the Year, but to win Single and Album with George Strait again is amazing."

He discussed the honor of working with such a legendary singer who remains so relevant to today's music.

"A lot of people try to reinvent themselves and they push the envelope and the envelope breaks. With George, we don’t overthink it. We just get great songs and it’s really a lot of fun. Of all the acts I’ve produced, his records are probably the easiest because he knows what he wants to do and we have a great band, the same band every time"

The last two Strait albums have been recorded at Jimmy Buffett's Key West, Fla., studio. Tonight, Strait told Brown, “I think the Key West thing is working for us.”

What also works is the Strait-Brown partnership. They've recorded about 13-14 albums together and generally speaking, like the same songs. "One time I convinced him to cut a song that maybe I said, 'If John Michael Montgomery cut this, it would be a No. 1 record. So we tried it for an hour. He said, 'You know what man? I think John Michael should cut this."

"It would be so amazing to you to know that most of our takes are the first and second takes. He comes prepared".

When asked about what these awards mean to Strait, Brown said, “He really does still enjoy getting these awards. And that’s why it’s so cool. Some artists try to be caavlier about it, like it’s no big deal.” Although they rarely speak on the phone, Strait called Brown two days ago from his San Antonio home. He told Brown, 'Man, I hope we win tomorrow night."

Brown replied, "That’s so cool, me too. Light candles". Coming off the stage tonight, Brown told Strait, 'You must have lit those candles last night."

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