Updated on: 8/9/2016
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I am using this page to express why a person ...me, would spend over thirty years of her life being dedicated to this man. and his career.  After a layoff from my job at Honeywell in the NASA Engineering Dept. I moved from Minnesota toTexas in  1998.  Ever since I was a child I had wanted to be in Texas; that's where the  Longhorns, wild horses, and cowboys were!   My  Mom and Stepdad had already retired to south Texas, and my sister had moved there.  The time I had planned for had come.  I moved to "Strait Country," and settled in San Antonio.  

What is it about George Strait anyway?  What keeps his fans screaming for more, and how does he continue to outdo himself? Along with his awesome voice and style we know his handsome cowboy looks and that wonderful smile have a lot to do with us wanting more Strait.  He is the real deal,  his voice is reassuring and warming.  He has superlative stage presence, and a great ability to connect with his fans.  

I know personally that he is a kind and thoughtful man.  He has done many things to let me know that he knows, and appreciates , and that gave me more fuel for my Strait fever. 

Simply put what I call 'Straitfever' is not a simple thing, because it involves the entire package  -  
it's the man.   He is a state of mind.

Back when AOL first became available I felt the need to start a webpage on George Strait because of the way I felt, and the reaction I saw in others.  I knew he was someone special, and I wanted to sing it to the world!   This is my way of sharing my love for George with others who feel the same way. 

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As far as songs go I have many favorites but "She'll Leave You With A Smile" will always be special for me.  It was his 50th Number One Single.  I was at the Closing Show of the Houston Astrodome, when the CD/DVD was recorded.  His performance gave me chills; I knew I was watching 'the Master' and he was outdoing himself.

 Then in June of 2006 George released  "Give it Away" the first single from his new album "It Just Comes Natural,"  released October 3rd, 2006.   It quickly became his 53rd Number One single (all charts) breaking records as it sped up the charts.   About the same time George was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame November 6, 2006.   

 George continues to amaze me. and  I expect that he always will.  He followed up with another outstanding album, "Troubadour."   His first single from that album "I Saw God Today" became his 56th #1 single.   On August 8, 2008 he released a music video for the title cut.  The song had already touched my heart, and made me tear up.  It was the first inclination I had that George was seriously thinking of making a change in his career.  Perhaps that's partly why it hit me so hard.  The video totally blew me away; this was George Strait.  This is HIS song.  The pictures in the video were put together by Norma.  I have to say that the song and video for "Troubadour" are my #1 favorites out of everything he has recorded  He is amazing. 

With the release of "Twang," and  "Here For a Good Time" George has proven again that he is competing only against himself.  He is the Artist of the Decade, one of the youngest members inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, is well beyond the usual awards, and has nothing to prove.    

A new George Strait album hit the airwaves May 14th, 2013.  The first single from "Love Is Everything," was "Give It All We Got Tonight." It became his 60th Number One Single as of May 18th, 2013, as George turned 61 years of age.   He followed that single with the release of "I Believe," regardless of the possible non reaction on the radio airwaves.  The tour supported his album, and reached a lot of people.  George has  something to say, and he is saying it.  All we need do is listen.  

When completing his last concert tour, aptly called "The Cowboy Rides Away" George has only to do what he has been doing his entire career - be himself.