2009 ACM "Artist of the Decade" 

Comments from George Strait:

“I was really proud that they wanted to give this to me,” the friendly, low-key Strait says of his latest award. “I don’t know, things just keep happening that blow me away. With the (2006 induction into the Country Music) Hall of Fame and now this, you just go, ‘Man, what’s next?’

“This is quite an honor, though. I have to say the last decade probably has been the most rewarding for me.”

With 38 albums that have sold a total of 67.5 million copies, and numerous other awards – encompassing Grammy and Country Music Association statues for his 2008 release “Troubadour” –  Strait is a model of consistency and longevity in a genre that has seen many changes during his nearly 30-year career.   Proof can be found in his many hits, from “Check Yes or No” and “Write This Down” to “Give It Away” and “I Saw God Today.”

George Strait;  

Texas Troubadour, 
the King of Country Music.

November 2010, "Don't Mess With Texas" campaign. 
George Strait knows who he is and is comfortable in his own skin.  He has nothing to prove.  What ego he has filters down to his slim hips from where it quietly resides in his witty subtle mind.   When this man saunters on stage he owns it.  A superb entertainer and a master vocalist George's warm baritone and relaxed phrasing so pleasing to the ear, and reassuring to hear on radio continue to keep him at the top of the industry charts.  More importantly, love for the man with all that talent is deeply embeded within his many fan's appreciative and loyal hearts.    

At this writing George has just released what might be the best album of his career - "Here For a Good Time."   The album contains 11 powerful songs; one song written by George and Bubba, five written by George and Bubba Strait with the great Dean Dillon, and one written with Dean and Bobby Boyd.  The last song on the CD, "I'll Always Remember You," is a heartfelt message to his fans.  As with "Troubadour," I cannot listen to it without tears flowing.  If I stand face to face with George again I hope that I can find the words to tell him how much this song is appreciated by those who have loved and supported him throughout the years.   It wrings the emotion from me, yet I find myself smiling as I wipe away the tears.  He has done it again.    ~  Linda

October 18th, 2011

George Strait scores His First Number One As A Songwriter

Nashville, TN – George Strait notches his 58th number one single with “Here For A Good Time” – a song he co-wrote with his son Bubba and legendary songwriter Dean Dillon. This also marks his first number one as a songwriter (an accomplishment he proudly shares with his son).

George Strait has the most number one singles of any artist in history including Elvis (58 to date inclusive of all charts). He has had 84 out of 89 radio singles make it to Top 10 (73 of them Top 5 hits). The Texas native has sold nearly 69 million records and with 33 different platinum or multi-platinum albums has the most RIAA platinum certifications in country music and the third in all genres, behind The Beatles and Elvis Presley. Strait was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2006.

His CD Here For A Good Time debuted at #1 on the Top Country Albums chart and #3 on The Billboard 200 (behind Lil Wayne and Adele). Here For A Good Time is Strait’s eighth consecutive studio album to debut at #1 on the Top Country Album chart and his 24th overall #1 album.

For thirty years he has been the voice in my life.  I will always be grateful that I was there as a proud and vocal supporter as milestones were reached.   Some of us knew long ago what it took Nashville and the music/entertainment industry years to acknowledge.  

To have loved and supported you George for all these years has been pure pleasure.  I know the day will come when the cowboy will ride away into the sunset, and you deserve to get away from it all, and enjoy the things you want to do with your family.   I find solace in knowing that there will always be the voice and the music for us to listen to, and the memories to carry with us, for we will always  remember you

I look forward to the continuing saga and career of George Strait ~ a phenomenal one of a kind, the real deal, and a Texas original.  

Congratulations, and thanks for the ride cowboy.  ~ Linda
“It’s funny, isn’t it?” Strait says of his endurance as the widely acknowledged “King” of country music. “I don’t think about it a whole lot.  I just feel really fortunate to still be able to be competitive, so to speak, in the business today.

“I feel like I’m singing as good as I ever have, and I still enjoy doing the (live) shows; I get pumped up and have a great time onstage, and I’ve been fortunate enough to find good songs throughout my career.”

Among those saluting Strait in the concert, fellow Grammy, ACM and CMA Award winner Jackson was pleased to pay tribute to his longtime peer. He sang “The Fireman” from Strait’s 1984 album “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind.”

Another of country music’s most reliable talents, Jackson calls Strait “one of the few artists I’ve seen come along who have been able to maintain that level of success, and he did it without having to change.  “He always looked the same and was a great singer, and I think that’s the thing. If you deliver good music and give people a personality they don’t get aggravated with, country fans will like you.”

Strait recalls the taping of the concert special as “a really special night. Like I said then, I’m glad I got hold of those songs first! They all did such a great job. It was fun just to be able to sit and watch from the sidelines as they put their own little twists on songs I’d recorded.

“I consider them all friends, and it was so nice of them to come and do it, since they’re all busy with their own things. My wife and son and I all enjoyed it.”

Strait long has been deemed country royalty.   “I hate to talk about myself like that,” the native Texan demurs. “When I started out, I never dreamed I would come this far. I just wanted to have a hit record or two and hopefully, a gold album."

“Things like Artist of the Decade and the Hall of Fame always were in the back of my mind, but they’re such hard goals to achieve. You’re just out there trying to do the best you can, then all of a sudden, it happens.”
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The George Strait Team Roping Classic
PURE COUNTRY the Movie ~ 1992
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"PURE COUNTRY 2, THE GIFT" 2010 ~ Cameo appearance as himself.
Norma and George celebrated their Forty Year Wedding Anniversary, December 4, 2011
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