Norma and George Strait lost their daughter Jenifer in 1986.  The Foundation survives strictly through private donations, which come mostly by word-of-mouth from friends and fans. 

Established strictly as a charitable donation to preserve the memory of Jenifer Strait, contributions to the trust are placed in an investment fund.  Each year the earnings from that fund are donated to child-related charities, mostly in the San Antonio area where George, Norma, and son George Strait Jr. ("Bubba") and his family live.

If you'd like to help George's favorite charity please click on the following picture of Jenifer with her Dad to follow the link and read more about Jenifer and the Jenifer Strait Foundation
This page was the first created on the internet in memory of Jenifer; on AOL in 1992. It was moved to Homestead in 2003. This page was last updated on: 2/8/2024
October 6, 1972 - June 25, 1986
The Jenifer Strait 
Memorial Foundation
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