NY Times - “A handsome face and a handsomer voice and a string of near-perfect hits.  Mr. Strait finds elegant ways to satisfy listeners.”   The new album from GEORGE STRAIT, It Just Comes Natural featuring the hit single "Give It Away" is another in a long list of top notch albums.
“This album’s got fifteen songs, which is more songs than I’ve ever put on a record before,” says George Strait. “But I thought they were all so good, there wasn’t one song on here that I would have felt right about leaving off. I really think we came up with one of the best albums I’ve ever done.”

The album in question, titled IT JUST COMES NATURAL, is being released in a year that marks Strait’s 25th anniversary as a recording artist, and coincides with the announcement that he is the most recent addition to the Country Music Hall of Fame. It’s also coming out alongside the jaw-dropping news that George Strait has become the all-time leader for Number One Country singles, as the album’s opening track, “Give It Away,” recently became his 53rd song to top the charts. 

But rather then rest on his well-deserved laurels, the legendary Texas troubadour is back with one of the strongest and most well-rounded collections of his career.
For the first time, Strait recorded NATURAL in a new setting – Jimmy Buffett’s Shrimpboat Studio in Key West, Florida, where Strait and Buffett recorded “Sea of Heartbreak,” from Buffett’s LICENSE TO CHILL album, a few years ago. “I thought it might be a good idea to try something different,” says Strait. “You couldn’t tell that we cut this down there, there’s no island flavor at all, but we just had a blast doing it. The studio is probably the smallest I’ve ever been in, with the musicians all crammed back in a little room - but we got a great sound, and it’s such a relaxing atmosphere. I think I’ll probably go back again.”

Recorded once again with Strait’s frequent co-producer, Tony Brown, the sounds on the album reflect Strait’s characteristic blend of traditional country structures shot through with a healthy dose of honky-tonk spirit and Western swing. Moods range from the introspective “Come On, Joe,” in which a man’s late wife tells him to be strong and move ahead with his life, to the raucous “Texas Cookin’,” which is about just what it sounds like. An array of Nashville’s finest songwriters contributed to NATURAL, including Bill Anderson, Bruce Robison, Lee Roy Parnell, and Guy Clark.

“I’ve always just done the music that I felt comfortable doing,” says Strait. “I don’t really think that everything that I’ve done has been really hard-core traditional - there’s definitely songs that you couldn’t classify that way. On this album, I wouldn’t call the title cut a traditional country song, but it’s a great song.” Indeed, the smash “Give It Away,” features Strait doing some unexpected spoken-sung sections, and it instantly sailed to the top of the country charts.

George Strait knows those charts well. His 1981 debut single “Unwound” was a Top 10 hit – and he has had at least one single hit the Top 10 every year since (including, as his 2004 box set was titled, 50 Number One Hits). His statistics are nothing short of astonishing, with more than 62 million albums sold in his career. He has 13 multi-Platinum, 30 Platinum and 33 Gold albums - more Gold albums than any other artist in Country Music, which ties him with no less than Frank Sinatra in eighth place for the most Gold albums of any artist in any musical genre.

In addition, Strait has received 16 CMA Awards, including multiple wins as Entertainer of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, and Album of the Year. And perhaps most notable of all is his ongoing role as country music’s greatest road warrior, breaking ticket sales records and delighting new audiences one room at a time, year after year.

“The great thing about George Strait,” rising star Dierks Bentley recently said, “is that he’s being doing it since the early ‘80s, but he still makes every sound check, which is more than a lot of guys below him can say. He brings who he is to each town, which is really a Texas dance hall singer. He can make the biggest arena feel like it’s a honky-tonk, trying to take that crazy energy to the biggest venue and making it feel as small as possible. He still enjoys touring after all the years - and it’s good for me to know, after just a few years, that you can still enjoy it as much after 25 years.”

“When I’m on stage doing a show, I still get nervous before I leave the bus,” says Strait. “And I’m nervous right up to the point where I break into the first song, and then that kinda leaves me and I just feed off the crowd after that. A lot of people say I look pretty laid-back on stage, and that may be true, but I’m pretty pumped up there. And having a great band inspires me, too – the guys continue to amaze me onstage.”

On IT JUST COMES NATURAL, Strait also continues to find inspiration in the country legends who preceded him. “I’ve been influenced by a lot of people in my career,” he says. “The swing music that Bob Wills was doing, songs that Merle and George Jones wrote and sang - it’s just great to listen to. I think it’s an art form that will always be with us. We may move a little bit away from it at times but it’s always going to come back.”

In fact, George Jones figures into several songs on this album. “She Told Me So” is a song Jones recorded years ago (“I did it a little different - nobody can do it like George does”), while “Texas Cookin’” also draws on the attitude of the ol’ Possum. “That’s just a fun, fun song,” says Strait. “Lyrically it’s silly, but I was always drawn to a humorous song. I think I get that from George, too - he’d always have some humor in his records.
“At the end of that one,” Strait continues, “I thought it would be good to get all of the guys in the room together and do all the chorus together, clapping our hands and singing. We had a great time in there and I think that comes across on the record.”

Not that IT JUST COMES NATURAL is all light-hearted. Much of the album focuses on the complexities, challenges, and joys of relationships between lovers. “That’s My Kind of Woman” tells of a man looking for a woman who shares his interests (“Good luck with that!,” says Strait with a chuckle), while “”A Better Rain” is “an abstract way of wishing a better life to a person you’ve split up with.” Strait is especially proud of “He Must Have Really Hurt You Bad,” a classic story about a woman done wrong told from a bartender’s point of view. “He can tell she’s been in a bad relationship,” says Strait, “and he ends up telling her at the end to stay at home because only bad things are going to happen to her in here.”

The timeless songs on IT JUST COMES NATURAL represent the kind of consistency, range, and power that have defined George Strait for all these years – the reasons he has now been given country music’s highest tribute, election to the Country Music Hall of Fame. “Being inducted is the highest honor that you can get in this business,” says Strait. “To have that happen while I still feel like I’m competitive, while I can still walk up and accept the honor without any help, is just amazing to me. I’ve been waking up in the morning and thinking about what it means - it’s hard to put into words because it’s so big. Maybe in the back of my mind I’ve had it as a goal, but you can’t ever expect anything like that.”

Despite all the Top Ten hits, all the sold-out arenas, all the trophies and honors, though, George Strait denies that the title of his new album is any way autobiographical. “I wouldn’t say that this all just comes natural to me,” he says. “It’s always an effort. I’m fortunate to be able to sing, but I don’t think I could be so bold as to say it comes natural.”

With all due respect, millions of George Strait fans probably disagree.

"Give It Away" became George's 53rd Number One Single, and was awarded "Song of the Year" and "Single of the Year" by the Academy of Country Music.  

She was stormin' through the house that day,
An' I could tell she was leavin'.
An' I thought: "Aw, she'll be back,"
       Till she turned around an' pointed at the wall an said: 

"That picture from our honeymoon,
"That night in Frisco Bay:
"Just give it away."
She said: "Give it away."
"An' that big four-poster king-size bed,
"Where so much love was made:
"Just give it away."
She said: "Just give it away." 

"Just give it away.
"There ain't nothin' in this house worth fightin' over.
"Oh, an' we're both tired of fightin' anyway,
"So just give it away." 

So I tried to move on,
But I found that each woman I held,
Just reminded me of that day.

When that front door swung wide open,
She flung her diamond ring:
Said: "Give it away."
"Just give it away."
An' I said: "Now, honey, don't you even want,
"Your half of everything."
She said: "Give it away."
Just give it away.

Just give it away.
There ain't nothin' in this house worth fightin' over.
Oh, an' we're both tired of fightin' anyway,
So just give it away.

So I'm still right here where she left me,
Along with all the other things,
She don't care about anymore.

Like that picture from our honeymoon,
That night in Frisco Bay:
She said: "Give it away."
Well, I can't give it away.
An' that big four-poster king-size bed,
Where all our love was made:
She said: "Give it away."
Well, I can't give it away.

I've got a furnished house, a diamond ring,
An' a lonely broken heart,
Full of love,
An' I can't even give it away.

"It Just Comes Natural" swiftly followed "Give It Away" and became George's 54th Number One.
The third single released from this album was "Wrapped" which came #55.  

This was the News Release:

The King of Country Music Ties Conway Twitty With Record 55 #1 Singles As 'Wrapped' Reaches Top Of Chart
Nashville, TN (July 2, 2007) - George Strait continues his reign over country music with his latest single 'Wrapped' topping the charts. Not only does this mark Strait's 55th number one, it is also the third single to hit number one from his 34th studio album It Just Comes Natural. The success of 'Wrapped' is the latest in a string of accolades from King George's current album. 

The first single off the project, 'Give It Away', went to the top of the country singles chart in just 13 weeks, making it the fastest rising single of Strait's career. The song also recently received two Academy of Country Music Awards for 'Song of the Year' and 'Single Record of the Year.' The album's title track 'It Just Comes Natural' also reached number one on the charts.

Though Strait already held the record for solo number one singles, his 55th notch ties Conway Twitty's record, which includes his number one duets with Loretta Lynn. 

Since his debut in 1981, this Texas troubadour has indeed been doing what comes naturally, putting together scores of hits that have earned him millions of fans worldwide and the unanimous respect of the critics. 

With the enormous success of his latest release and a slew of multiplatinum albums under his belt, Strait just keeps getting better, striking a chord among the legions that yearn for wide open spaces and a simpler lifestyle.

George's 4th single from "It Just Comes Natural" is "How 'Bout Those Cowgirls" currently @12 and nearing the Top Ten this date, October 7th, 2007, one year after the release of the "It Just Comes Natural" album.   There is no other artist in Country Music who can accomplish this feat.   

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Dec. 18, 2003 /PRNewswire -- 

In the ever changing world of country music and radio, one thing is certain ... George Strait is the King! This week, "She'll Leave You With A Smile" topped the charts helping Strait reach a milestone others can only dream of.  He landed his 50th #1 single, on both the Billboard and R&R charts.  In doing so, George surpassed the long held record of Conway Twitty who had 49 #1 solo singles.

In a dazzling career that has spanned over twenty years, George has sold over 57 million albums and recorded 25 platinum records, more than any other country artist in history.  He's won numerous awards including 4 American Music Awards, 11 Academy of Country Music Awards, 15 Country Music Association Awards and has been nominated for nearly 70 CMA Awards (a record that may never be broken).

Along the way, he's won the hearts of fans and critics alike.  His achievements are astounding, his commitment to making good music unwavering, his record unparalleled.

SOURCE  MCA Nashville  
Updated June 9, 2019
"While I am extremely pleased and excited about reaching this new milestone in my career, I realize that it would not have been possible without an enormous amount of support from the fans and from country radio as well as the unending effort of dozens, maybe even hundreds, of great people who have worked at MCA Records over the course of my career.  There is no way that I can find the words to properly express  my gratitude to everyone for their help.   I am very humbled by it all,"  said George Strait.
George Strait to Release 50 #1's on October 5, 2004
Collection Chronicles Record Breaking Career Milestone
Nashville, TN (August (?), 2004 – On October 5, 2004, MCA Records will release George Strait’s 50 Number Ones, the definitive anthology for one of country music’s most enduring artists. George Strait has scored more #1’s than any other single artist in history and 50 Number Ones celebrates that remarkable and record breaking career. 

From his first #1, “Fool Hearted Memory,” in 1982 to his 2002 smash, “She’ll Leave You With A Smile,” 50 Number Ones chronicles the career of a performer so respected and beloved, his fans know him simply as “King George.” 

Strait’s influence on country music is undeniable. Since he began recording for MCA (the only label Strait has ever called home) in 1981, he has changed the tapestry of the industry with his unique blending of traditional and contemporary country music. Strait has a remarkable talent for remaining fresh and current while remaining true to his musical roots and honkytonk style and in doing so, he has forged one of the most successful careers in music history. His keen sense of song selection and his subtle yet poignant delivery has earned him praise from fans, critics and peers alike. Countless other recording artists including Garth Brooks, Clint Black, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney and Alan Jackson have named Strait as a direct influence on their music and their careers. 

50 Number Ones will mark George Strait’s 32nd release. In his 23-year recording career, he has sold over 62 million albums, played to millions of fans and picked up armloads of industry awards including 2003’s Academy of Country Music “Gene Weed Award” recognizing his success. George Strait holds the Country Music Association’s all time record for most career nominations with a total of 71. He was the CMA “Vocalist of the Year” 5 times and the only artist in history to be so honored in two different decades.

Also included in the 50 Number Ones collection is the new hit single, “I Hate Everything,” a touching ballad about working through relationship troubles and appreciating life. It is sure to be the next classic cut from Strait and it is ascending the country charts now. 

NASHVILLE – September 24, 2004 – The quiet superstar rarely speaks about himself, but when he does, the whole world listens. In a rare and in-depth interview country music legend George Strait talks about his mammoth career in a special edition of CMT’s weekly series on GEORGE STRAIT: CMT INSIDER SPECIAL EDITION premiering Saturday, Oct. 9 at 8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT* exclusively on CMT. GEORGE STRAIT: CMT INSIDER SPECIAL EDITION looks at the music that has made Strait a legend and includes interviews with celebrity friends and fans Alan Jackson, Reba McEntire, Martina McBride, and Jimmy Buffett, who talk about Strait’s influence on their own superstar careers and reveal their favorite Strait songs.

Strait, with a record breaking string of hits, will release his newest album “50 Number Ones” on Oct. 5, and in a rare interview CMT INSIDER talks with the intensely private singer as he celebrates the career landmark that distinguishes him from every other singer of his generation. GEORGE STRAIT: CMT INSIDER SPECIAL EDITION provides a personal look at his career, the songs that made it and his relationship with songwriter Dean Dillon who penned many of Strait’s hits. Strait discusses such personal topics as eloping to Mexico, ranching and home life.

Commenting on the fact that he has had more No. 1 hits than anyone in the history of country music Strait says, “I was never really counting No. 1s myself, honestly, until we got somewhere in the 40s. Then someone made me aware of the fact that we might have a chance to break Conway Twitty’s record. After that I can’t say that it wasn’t in the back of my mind. ‘She’ll Leave You With A Smile’ was my 50th and I love that song. I’ve always said it reminded me of a Conway Twitty song, and I think that’s pretty ironic.”

Strait, a Lone Star state native, came from a small southwestern ranch town to become one of the biggest stars in popular music shattering several music records and garnering more than 40 major entertainment awards. Along with his unprecedented 50 No. 1 country singles and 26 platinum albums (including 1995’s seven-times platinum “Strait Out of the Box” and 1992’s six-times platinum “Pure Country”), he is second only to Elvis Presley for RIAA Certifications.

CMT’s weekly series CMT INSIDER, hosted by Katie Cook, gives viewers their fix of country music news plus broader topics from the entertainment world including the latest in movies, music, fashion and sports. Each week CMT INSIDER explores the week’s hot topics in entertainment including the lifestyles of celebrities, legends and breaking country music events.
'I Hate Everything' Reached #1 On Billboard Charts
George Strait set the bar a little higher as he captured his 51st #1 Single when 'I Hate Everything' reached the top spot of the Billboard Magazine Charts.  The record is from his 50#1 Hits CD and debuted at #1 on the Billboard Albums Chart. 

George Strait has attained more #1 records than any solo artist in any genre of music. 
George Strait’s 50 Number Ones Lands the #1 Spot on Billboard Pop and Country Chart
Boasts the Highest Debut Week Sales of His Career 
Nashville, TN (October 13, 2004 – 3:45PM CT) – George Strait’s new MCA release, 50 Number Ones, has landed him the #1 position on Billboard’s Top 200 and Top Country Albums charts, beating out R&B sensation Usher by over 7,000 units. With sales of 342,969 units this week, it marks the highest debut of Strait’s illustrious 22-year recording career. Ironically, as “I Hate Everything,” Strait’s current single and the only new song off his 2 CD set, jumps to #1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles and Tracks Chart this week, it becomes his 51st #1 and leaves Strait with the unique problem of giving his fans more number one hits than they bargained for.

“This is the kind of problem you want to have,” laughed Strait. “Country radio has been great to me my whole career. I can’t thank those folks enough for making my album title a lie. It’s because of their support and the great fans that I’m lucky enough to be able to make music and celebrate this milestone in my career.”

“The success of this album is just another testimony to the continued vitality of an amazing career,” said Luke Lewis, Co-Chairman Universal Music Group Nashville. “It is an honor for all of us at Universal Music to be associated with an artist that exhibits such enduring talent.”

Ben Kline, Sr. VP Sales and Marketing UMG Nashville, called the record breaking first week of album sales, “A huge week that exceeded our biggest projections. These numbers certainly cement George's place as one of the most important artists in any genre of music.' 

Strait also scored big ratings for his CMT television special. More than 8.4 million viewers tuned in to CMT's George Strait programming over the weekend (Oct. 9 and 10). CMT's brand new interview special, GEORGE STRAIT: CMT INSIDER SPECIAL EDITION was the week's top rated show among viewers age 18-49. GEORGE STRAIT: CMT INSIDER SPECIAL EDITION contains an exclusive television interview with Strait as well as interviews with Alan Jackson, Reba McEntire, Martina McBride and Dierks Bentley and Jimmy Buffett. 

This year the Country Music Association has again honored George Strait with a nomination for Male Vocalist of the Year. George Strait holds the CMA’s all time record for the most nominations with a total of 73 and has taken home 15 awards throughout his career including five Male Vocalist statues. The awards show airs live on November 9 on CBS. On January 3, fans will get a chance to see George Strait live in person as he kicks off his U.S Tour in Charlotte, NC. The 19-city tour will run throughout March 3., 2005 

It's official, before the end of the year 2004
George Strait's "50 #1's"  ~  Certified 5X platinum!  

WEEK   1:  343,000
WEEK   2:  189,000
WEEK   3:  141,000
WEEK   4:  103,000
WEEK   5:    94,000
WEEK   6:  100,000
WEEK   7:  113,000
WEEK   8:  110,000
WEEK   9:    97,000
WEEK 10:  141,000
WEEK 11:  174,000
WEEK 12:  213,000

~ Congratulations to the King of Cool ~
Alan Jackson, Reba McEntire, Martina McBride, Jimmy Buffett Speak Out About Strait
Subject: From GAC

George Strait had a big year this year thanks in big part by his bit hit's album, GEORGE STRAIT: 59 NUMBER ONES. According to his producer, TONY BROWN, the album succeeded because Strait's music holds up today. 
"He's just really good, and his body of work holds up," Brown says with conviction. "When you look back on it, it will hold up because he never tried to stretch the envelope just to look cool. I think a few songs like 'Blue Clear Sky" and "Run," were definitely off the path. 

But, George's career started out very slow and solid, and only when he did Pure Country, which was the first record that I produced with him, did he break that, he sold 6 million with that album. The movie helped break through, George's mystique, that he's not on TV that much, so once you saw him in the movie you discovered the artist, he's handsome, he's nice, intelligent and from Pure Country on, every album sold 3 or four million. Up to that point he would only reach Platinum (one million) eventually." 

Bigger & Richer 
-- While you were having smoke blown up your chimney about who the big country music movers & shakers of 2004 were -- the real deal was quietly taking care of business. 

George Strait's "Fifty Number Ones" CD, has been certified 5-times Platinum (5-million).  According to my figures, that makes it the biggest selling country album of the year. 

Country is alive and well, thank you. 

Skye Rivers


This year George Strait gave a lot of credit for his success to his wife Norma, saying he couldn't have done it without her.

"Absolutely not, I have no idea that I could have done it without her at all, I wouldn't have lasted."

Then, when asked whether she keeps his boots on the ground, George gave our favorite quote of the year when he admitted that she does sometimes ask him to do some work around the house.

"We kind of share, she does most everything, I'm kind of spoiled, she takes pretty good care of me. Occasionally she'll say, 'you gotta do this,' or 'you gotta do that,' and I'm not going to sit back and say... 'Sorry, I've got 50 Number Ones, I can't do that!' (laughs)."

The Strait phenomenon continues ....
Q&A CMT, 2004

To commemorate the career benchmark of his 50 Number Ones album, George Strait agreed to address questions about his career.   His comments reveal both his modesty and his dedication to his music and to doing things his way.

Question: Describe what happened when you first brought your music to Nashville. What was the reaction?

Answer: The reaction I received when I first came to Nashville was that I was too country. I figured I was doomed. However, you have to remember that this was the late 70s, and the pendulum had swung more to the pop side.  Fortunately, that changed, and then I seemed to fit right in. 

Q: How much pressure did you face to change, to modernize or make your music more mainstream?

A:  There was quite a bit of pressure for me to cut crossover type songs at the time. That seemed to be what the record companies wanted. I can see the reasoning, which was to sell more records, but I just couldn't see me doing it.  

Q:  Were there folks who tried to talk you out of the Western look?  How did you respond?

A:  Something else I heard back in the beginning was, "We love your songs but could you lose the hat?"  I had figured this was going to be the reaction but I also figured they were going to have to love me like I was or not at all.

Q:  What did your first No. 1 mean to you?

A:  To have a No. 1 record is an incredible feeling.  I mean when you think about it, your song, out of all the songs being played on the radio at the time, is the one people are wanting to hear the most. That's awesome! I've had a few in my career, and it's still something that I strive for each time. 

Q:  Talk about the role Jimmy Bowen played in allowing you to be yourself.

A:  I went through two producers to get to Jimmy Bowen.  He had taken over MCA Records and pretty much said I'm now going to produce you, but I'm also going to let you co-produce yourself.  It was a definite turning point in my career. Our first effort, "Does Ft. Worth Ever Cross Your Mind," won Album of the Year from the Country Music Association. That was a great feeling.

Q:  Did you feel like you were helping lead a movement?

A:  As far as me leading any kind of movement in country music goes, I always felt like the audience for traditional country music was out there, they just weren't hearing much of it on the radio at the time.  As more and more of it began to be played, you began to see just how popular it really was.  I think that's still true today. 

Q: 50 Number Ones proves you've recorded in a lot of styles.  Do you feel you sometimes don't get credit for how diverse your music is? 

A: Most people think of me as a traditional country music singer, and I think for the most part that's true.  It's definitely my favorite kind of music to listen to and to sing.  I've also cut a lot of songs that I felt like weren't so traditional but were great songs and worth the effort.  This collection of No. 1's shows some of the diversity, but if you were to look  my whole catalog, you'd see an even broader range.  

Q: Do you see Pure Country as a landmark in your career?  How much did it change things?

A: Pure Country was a real shot in the arm for my career.  I had wanted to do a movie for a while, and when things fell into place as far as script, producer and director, I was ready.  I had no idea how it would turn out or what I was in forr but I really wanted to give it a try.  I can honestly say that I'm proud of the movie.  I did what I set out to do, which was mainly not to embarrass myself, and make a movie that the whole family could see and enjoy.  I would love to do another one someday.

Q: As the years went on, how did you stay challenged?  What was your goal?  Is it different than when you started?  You've taken on a different approach to touring, being real particular about the number of shows you do each year.  Talk about the reasoning behind this strategy.

A:  I'm still motivated by the same things that motivated me in the beginning.  I want to make great music for people to enjoy.  I want to have hit records, gold and platinum albums, sold-out concerts.  Nothing's changed in that respect.  I slowed down my tour dates a few years ago so I would have more time at home with my family.  That is very important to me.  I was tired of hearing what was going on over the phone.  I wanted to be there and experience it first hand.  I'll probably have done 40 or so dates when this year is over.   

Q: Has it sunk in that you've now had more No. 1 hits than anyone in the history of country music?  How did you react to that milestone?

A: I was never really counting No. 1's myself, honestly, until we got somewhere in the 40s.  Then someone made me aware of the fact that we might have a chance to break Conway Twitty's record.  After that I can't say that it wasn't in the back of my mind. " She'll Leave You With A Smile" was my 50th and I love that song.  I've always said it reminded me of a Conway Twitty song, and I think that's pretty ironic. 

Q:  What do you see as your legacy?  How would you like to be seen, as far as a historical context?

A:   "I don't need a legacy.  I'm no better or worse than the next guy.  I've had a ton of success doing something that I really love doing.  I'm  thankful to God for the talent he gave me, and I'll keep on using it for as long as people want to hear me, or as long as I'm able."
Entertainer of the Year, 1989 & 1990
"The thing about the (album) Fifty #1's; you listen to it a few times, and suddenly you start thinking,  where's "the Fireman?"  You know, where's "the Cowboy Rides Away,"  "Marina Del Ray," and "Amarillo By Morning?"   "There's some great stuff that didn't make it to #1 that is as strong or stronger, and that is the sign of a huge artist. That's how big a deal George Strait is."  

~ John Spong,    Editor: Texas Monthly Magazine, 2006 
for CMT's "Greatest Moments, George Strait"
 George's comments, March 2006:  

 "I did all that?"   "Never in my wildest dreams...  that oughta be against the law."   < giggle >
  01. Fool Hearted Memory     
  02. A Fire I Can't Put Out     
  03. You Look So Good In Love     
  04. Right Or Wrong    
  05. Let's Fall To Pieces Together     
  06. Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind     
  07. The Chair    
  08. Nobody In His Right Mind Would've Left Her      09. It Ain't Cool To Be Crazy About You     
  10. Ocean Front Property     
  11. All My Ex's Live In Texas     
  12. Am I Blue     
  13. Famous Last Words Of A Fool     
  14. Baby Blue     
  15. If You Ain't Lovin'(You Ain't Livin')     
  16. Baby's Gotten Good At Goodbye    
  17. What's Going On In Your World     
  18. Ace In The Hole     
  19. Love Without End, Amen     
  20. I've Come To Expect It From You     
  21. If I Know Me    
  22. You Know Me Better Than That     
  23. Chill Of An Early Fall     
  24. So Much Like My Dad     
  25. I Cross My Heart    
  26. Heartland    
  27. Easy Come Easy Go     
  28. I'd Like To Have That One Back     
  29. The Man In Love With You    
  30. The Big One     
  31. You Can't Make A Heart Love Somebody     
  32. Lead On     
  33. Check Yes Or No     
  34. I Know She Still Loves Me     
  35. Blue Clear Sky     
  36. Carried Away     
  37. I Can Still Make Cheyenne     
  38. One Night At A Time     
  39. Carrying Your Love With Me    
  40. Today My World Slipped Away     
  41. Round About Way     
  42. I Just Want To Dance With You     
  43. True     
  44. We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This     
  45. Write This Down    
  46. The Best Day     
  47. Go On     
  48. Run     
  49. Living And Living Well     
  50. She'll Leave You With A Smile 
  51. I Hate Everything
  52. She Let Herself Go
  53.  Give It Away
  54.  It Just Comes Natural
  55.  Wrapped

George Strait has reached another milestone in his phenomenal career.   MCA released his album "Fifty Number Ones" with one additional new song, "I Hate Everything," which promptly became his Fifty-First Single.   

His next album release, the awesome "Somewhere Down In Texas" produced another two singles, "You'll Be There," and "She Let Herself Go," taking George well past the 50  Number Ones milestone.  

The next single released, "Give It Away," was from a new album months away from being released (Oct.3,2006).  "Give It Away" became his 53rd single shooting up the charts in record time, and was still at #1 on Billboard Sept. 25th when "It Just Comes Natural" - the title tune from his new album - hit the airwaves in Texas, putting the album on the charts before it was released.    On November 6th, 2006 George will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame

.There hasn't ever been an artist like George Strait, and we will not see another ever come close to what this amazing Man has accomplished, simply by being himself.
George Strait 

Reaches a Career Milestone 
With His 60th #1 Single

Induction Into The Country Music Hall of Fame November 6th, 2006 
Articles: from 2004 on, 50th Number Ones - to 60 Number Ones!   Included, favorite Award show Pictures.  
For 56th and 57th No. 1 singles see "Troubadour."
The Undisputed King of Country Strikes Again!
George Strait is the All-Time Leader for Number One Country Singles!

"Give It Away" Is Strait's 53rd Number One Single on Billboard

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 18, 2006 /PRNewswire/ -- The King of Country Music strikes again, notching his 53rd number one. "Give It Away," the debut song from his forthcoming album, is Strait's fastest-moving single in five years before claiming the top spot in a mere 13 weeks, making him Billboard's all-time leader for number one country singles.

Humble as always, Strait had this to say about his latest coup: "First of all, it's hard to believe it has been 25 years. When I think about putting together an album, the process of listening to hundreds of songs each time and picking out the best 10 or so that will go on the record, it really sinks in as to just how many songs I've listened to all these years. Considering that and the fact that my fans and friends at radio have stuck with me all this time makes it seem even more incredible. I can only say thank you and thanks also to all of the great songwriters who wrote those wonderful songs that became number ones."

Strait's highly anticipated 34th studio release, IT JUST COMES NATURAL, will be in stores on October 3. From sophisticated Western swing and clever barroom anthems to sawdust two-steppers and smoky neon ballads, the recordings are classic Strait.

"This album's got fifteen songs, which is more songs than I've ever put on a record before," says George Strait. "But I thought they were all so good, there wasn't one song on here that I would have felt right about leaving off. I really think we came up with one of the best albums I've ever done."

Since his debut in 1981, this Texas troubadour has indeed been doing what comes naturally, putting together scores of hits that have earned him millions of fans worldwide and the unanimous respect of the critics.

Beyond the accolades, Strait is revered for his traditional brand of music that brings out the cowboy in all of us. In that vein, "Give It Away" is the classic roper's lament of the tough guy who refuses to give up on the girl who has given up on him. Strait delivers it in his trademark smooth style, lending the tune a tone of regret laced with just enough attitude to make the song real.

With this new release and a slew of multi-platinum albums under his belt, Strait just keeps getting better, striking a chord among the legions that yearn for wide open spaces and a simpler lifestyle.
It's steady work keeping up with this man & his accomplishments .. but I will try, and will make  updates as needed.   Enjoy him, enjoy this awesome singer and man.  

~ Linda
A comment from Hazel Smith, Nashville. 
As of September, 2014

Title (Release Date)

1.  Fool Hearted Memory (5/27/1982)

2.  A Fire I Can’t Put Out (5/19/1983)

3.  You Look So Good in Love (9/22/1983)

4.  Right or Wrong (1/25/1984)

5.  Let’s Fall to Pieces Together (5/17/1984)

6.  Does Ft. Worth Ever Cross Your Mind (9/4/1984)

7.  The Chair (8/26/1985)

8.  Nobody in His Right Mind Would Have Left Her (4/21/1986)

9.  It Ain’t Cool to be Crazy About You (8/25/1986)

10. Ocean Front Property (12/22/1986)

11. All My Ex’s Live in Texas (4/6/1987)

12. Am I Blue (8/3/1987)

13. Famous Last Words of a Fool (1/11/1988)

14. Baby Blue (4/25/1988)

15. If You Ain’t Lovin’ (You Ain’t Livin’) (8/22/1988)

16. Baby’s Gotten Good at Goodbye (12/26/1988)

17. What’s Going On in Your World (4/3/1989)

18. Ace in the Hole (7/17/1989)

19. Love Without End, Amen (4/6/1990)

20. I’ve Come to Expect it From You (10/22/1990)

21. If I Know Me (3/12/1991)

22. You Know Me Better Than That (6/11/1991)

23. Chill Of an Early Fall (9/23/1991)

24. So Much Like My Dad (6/29/1992)

25. I Cross My Heart (9/14/1992)

26. Heartland (1/11/1993)

27. Easy Come, Easy Go (8/9/1993)

28. I’d Like to Have That One Back (11/22/1993)

29. The Man in Love With You (6/14/1994)

30. The Big One (9/19/1994)

31. You Can’t Make a Heart Love Somebody (12/5/1994)

32. Lead On (6/13/1995)

33. Check Yes or No (9/18/1995)

34. I Know She Still Loves Me (12/11/1995)

35. Blue Clear Sky (3/26/1996)

36. Carried Away (6/17/1996)

37. I Can Still Make Cheyenne (9/2/1996)

38. One Night at a Time (3/3/1997)

39. Carrying Your Love With Me (5/23/1997)

40. Today My World Slipped Away (9/8/1997)

41. Round About Way (1/5/1998)

42. I Just Wanna Dance With You (4/6/1998)

43. True (8/24/1998)

44. We Really Shouldn’t Be Doing This (9/14/1998)

45. Write This Down (4/8/1999)

46. The Best Day (1/5/2000)

47. Go On (7/17/2000)

48. Run (10/1/2001)

49. Living and Living Well (2/4/2002)

50. She’ll Leave You With a Smile (8/26/2002)

51. I Hate Everything (7/6/2004)

52. She Let Herself Go (9/6/2005)

53. Give It Away (7/5/2006)

54. It Just Comes Natural (9/25/2006)

55. Wrapped (1/1/2007)

56. I Saw God Today (2/19/2008)

57. River of Love (2/23/2009)

58. Here For a Good Time (6/13/2011)

59. Love’s Gonna Make It Alright (11/7/2011)

60. Give It All We Got Tonight (10/29/2012)