Per a mutual friend of George Strait, and confirmed by the Official Police Report these are the facts:   

Shortly before midnight on June 25, 1986 in San Marcos, Texas a tragedy happened which would forever change the lives of the Strait family. 

Jenifer Strait was riding with three friends when the driver lost control of his Ford Mustang as he attempted to take a turn too fast.  The car rolled over, just before midnight, not far from the Strait home.  Jenifer's window was open, and she did not have a seat belt on.  The thirteen year old daughter of Norma and George Strait lost her life that night; the only fatality of the one-car non-alcohol related accident. 

George was not on tour at the time, he was home, and was at the scene shortly after being notified.  

From George:

"Jenifer had so many special friends.  So many that Norma and I couldn't keep up with them a lot of the time.  But we never met one of them we didn't like.  They were special to her; they were special to us. Her very special love of all though was her brother Bubba.  To watch them together, and the way she watched over him made us know he was always safe with her, no matter what.  He loved her back in the same way, and always will, just as we always will.  She was like a second mother to Bubba in a way. They had their arguments like brother, and sister do but in the end she always made Bubba feel like he came out on top."

"Her cousins Shane, Wade, Kara, Trey and Walker were also special to her.  There was always closeness between them that I don't ever remember having when I was young. They all love each other very much."

"We will all miss Jenifer very much, and we will never forget her, her smile, and laugh."


We will never know the effect that Jenifer could have had on others during her lifetime, but long time fans of George Strait knew the effect her loss had on her family. George immersed himself into his work, avoided interviews and discussion about Jenifer with anyone that he wasn't close to.  It was a difficult time for the Strait family. 

In a letter to his fans (see below), included in a "Strait Talk" newsletter issue, George expressed thanks to his many fans for their support, and respect.  He dedicated that issue of "Strait Talk" to the memory of Jenifer. 
The Foundation has survived since 1986 mainly through private donations, which has come mostly by word-of-mouth from friends, and from Strait fans through the years. The Jenifer Strait Memorial Foundation was established to preserve the memory of Jenifer Lyn Strait. 

The Foundation promotes charitable causes for children, and focuses it's donations on various non-profit organizations, including; The Boys & Girls Club- San Antonio and St. Jude's Ranch.

The Foundation is a 501(c)3 National Non-Profit Organization.  

Established strictly as a charitable donation to preserve the memory of Jenifer Strait, contributions to the trust are placed in an investment fund. Each year the earnings from that fund are donated to child-related charities, mostly in the San Antonio area where George and his family live. Some of the organizations which have benefited in the past are Boysville, Greater San Marcos Youth Council, Dare to Love Rainbow Room, Youth Alternatives, and Carver Academy.

Your kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated. 
The members of the George Strait Fan Club, his dedicated fans, wanted to help George and his family in some way so it wasn't long before the Jenifer Strait Memorial Foundation was created by the Straits as a living memorial for Jenifer Lyn. 
The Foundation is obviously close to George's heart.   He is  still so pained by the tragedy that it's difficult for him to discuss it.  His family and their private lives are of utmost priority.  It wasn't until several years ago that he first quietly spoke about his heartbreak, revealing to Country Weekly, 
"I got real private after I lost my daughter... I really shut things down."  

George made the decision that nothing worse could happen, that he would always make his family his priority,  and if it hurt his career, so be it.  

Although George might suggest an idea, the trust's directors select the charities. Mr. Frank Bohman, an officer and director of the Foundation at the time, told Country Weekly several years ago,  "Because of the courage and inspiration of George and Norma Strait, this trust has benefited countless young people in need, while keeping Jenifer's memory alive. 

If you'd like to help George Strait's favorite charity, 
Make your check or money order out to:

The Jenifer Strait Memorial Foundation

and send it to:

Dilley State Bank
The Jenifer Strait Memorial Foundation 
c/o Jeff Avant, President 
P.O. Box 9 
Dilley, Texas 78017-0009 

*The above address is confirmed annually with the George Strait Production Company as being the current address for donations. 
The donation address was confirmed correct on August 31, 2022, and 
updated here on August 31, 2022. 
You will receive a charitable donation confirmation letter.  

Thank you for remembering Jenifer.

Jenifer, George, & Norma Strait;      Denise & Buddy Strait & Kids.  1986
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Jenifer Strait's memory lives on. 

With love and respect for the Strait family this page is dedicated to the memory of Jenifer.

October 6th, 1972 -- June 25th, 1986
About the Jenifer Strait 
Memorial Foundation

The first single - "You'll Be There" - from George's album "Somewhere Down In Texas"  (released in June of 2005) had special meaning for him.  He stated in an interview that he had faith, and believed they would meet again someday.  

George's heartfelt and wonderful interpretation of this song leaves no question as to why the song is special.   Watching him do this song in concert always brought tears to my eyes.  I have included the lyrics  here on Jenifer's page as it seemed so appropriate, it seemed like they belonged here on her page. 

"You'll Be There"
By Cory Mayo

Well, hope is an anchor and love is a ship
Time is the ocean, and life is a trip.
You don't know where you're goin' til you know where you're at
And if you can't read the stars, well you better have a map

A compass and a conscience so you don't get lost at sea
Or on some old lonely island where no one wants to be

From the beginning of creation I think our maker had a plan
For us to leave these shores and sail beyond the sand
And let the good light guide us through the waves and the wind
To the beaches in a world where we have never been

And we'll climb up on the mountain, ya'll, we'll let our voices ring
And those who never tried it, they'll be the first to sing
Oh my, my

I'll see you on the other side if I make it
And it might be a long hard ride, but I'm gonna take it
Sometimes it seems that I don't have a prayer
I let the weather take me anywhere
But I know that I wanna go where the streets are gold
'Cause you'll be there
Oh my, my

Well, you don't bring nothin' with you here,
and you can't take nothin' back
I ain't never seen a hearse with a luggage rack
So I've torn my knees up prayin', scarred my back from fallin' down
I've spent so much time flyin' high 'til I'm face first in the ground

So if you're up there watching me, would you talk to God and say
Tell him I might need a hand to see you both someday
Oh my, my

So I'll see you on the other side if I make it
And it might be a long hard ride, but I wanna take it
Sometimes it seems that I don't have a prayer
I let the weather take me anywhere
But I know that I wanna go where the streets are gold
'Cause you'll be there
Oh my, my
'Cause you'll be there
Oh my, my

- All rights retained by writer Cory Mayo.

Daughter of Norma and George Strait, 
Loving Sister to Bubba; 
the facts, and the story.  
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Please note; 

I am a long time George Strait admirer, friend, and supporter.  Facts stated here were received from the San Marcos Police Department, and confirmed by the Jenifer Strait Foundation.  I started this page, working with the Foundation, over twenty-five years ago with the main purpose of destroying rumors, and gossip that had been circulating by putting the truth out there for the fans to find.  My additional purpose in keeping this page going is to keep Jenifer's memory alive by supporting Bubba, Norma, and George, with the Jenifer Strait Foundation.   

If you wish to make a donation please send it to the address above. You will receive an acknowledgement letter on behalf of the Jenifer Strait Foundation.   As of July 1, 2019 this acknowledgement letter is confirmed as still being sent.  

Thank you for your support. 

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Strait Facts:

The song "Baby Blue" was written by Aaron Barker. It was the first song Aaron wrote, and was published by the Muy Bueno Publishing Company, which was started by George Strait.  "Baby Blue" was put on hold, eventually recorded, and released in 1988 by George on his "If You Ain't Loving,You Ain't Living" Album. He performed the song in concert for several years.  The song was a number one single for George, and it was rumored that it reminded George of Jenifer, and was one of his favorite songs on the album.  

This photo is from George's wonderful music video for the song "Troubadour."  Thanks to Norma Strait for providing her chosen photos for the award winning music video.  This special album was awarded a Grammy - George's first Grammy Award.
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