2006 Tour
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Benny McArthur - Omaha Nebraska
Rick McRae and Benny McArthur - Omaha
Little Rock, Arkansas, Ace in the Hole Band and George
Tommy Foote on Duty  (Road Mgr/Security)   Birmingham, Alabama
Benny McArthur, George - Las Vegas
Terry Hale, Mr Bass Man - St Louis, Missouri
San Antonio Texas Concert, May 6, 2006
The Twin Fiddles of Gene and Benny - awesome!
St Louis Missouri
Featured music:
The Ace in the Hole Band,
"The Texas Bounce."
Canada, June 2006
George, and Mike Daily on the petal Steel - an original Ace
Rick, Benny, George, and fiddlemeister Gene
The great Ace in the Hole Band.
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