Marvin J. Robbins was born in Arkansas in 1915.   He was one of four children growing up in a small southern town.  The Robbins house was a large southern plantation style with a screened in porch going all the way around it, sitting in the middle of a large plantation (the land was gradually, eventually sold to have the town grow around it).  

At 22 years of age his Mother Lallah was still alive when he married her caretaker, Deanna, and in the following ten years they had two children.  He had two sisters at home, and an older brother Widney, who was serving in the Marines.  Marvin was a Deputy Sheriff in Clay County, and served until he was  injured in his left hip during a robbery. He was in continuous pain after that as it never healed right.

Since he was unable to return to work as Sheriff or serve in the military because of his hip he  moved his family to Michigan where there were more opportunities at that time to start a small business or work in the auto industry to support his family better.

In a few years following the move he was diagnosed with cancer, and died when he was 38 years old.  We took him home for burial on the train. That is one of two  things that I can remember.  He was my father, and I was five years old at the time of his death.  My brother was nine years old.  We grew up without him, missing him.  I remember my Aunt asked my Mother Deannafor my Brother to stay in Arkansas with the family, and grow up being guided by my Uncle. I think it would have been better for him.  We were sent south to spend summers with our Aunts and Uncle during summer breaks for years, and I preferred it, loved spending time with family, and horses and dogs.

I have only these things that I was told, and a few pictures of my father. The newspaper articles and old family pictures my Aunt sent to my Mother disappeared years ago.  
My Brother Al Robbins (Navy)  and myself - Linda,1965 or so.
Marvin Robbins with children Al and Linda,1952. 
Granny Lallah Robbins
Uncle Wid Robbins, US. Marines
Aunt Nan, Uncle Wid, and Aunt Hort with their Mother, my Granny Lallah Robbins.
Deanna (Lee) Robbins, Mother